Language Arts:

Jr. Junction Day School - Ciriculum Lanuage Arts From our youngest student through Jr-Kindergarten, alphabet learning and reading experiences are integrated as part of our daily curriculum.

Sign Language:

Jr. Junction Day School - Ciriculum Sign Language Signing Exact English (SEE) is introduced to even our youngest of students. Children pick up the use of signs quickly and enjoy the new communication it brings.

Social Studies:

Jr. Junction Day School - Ciriculum Social Studies The study of people, lands and the world around us is introduced during our winter program, “Celebrations Around the World” and becomes more of a focus as children enter into our Jr-Kindergarten program.

Art & Sensory:

Jr. Junction Day School - Ciriculum Arts & Sensory Engaging children in a variety of art and sensory opportunities gives their imagination the freedom to explode! We offer several “touching-table” experiences along with many different inside and outside avenues of artistic expression. We encourage the use of a generous amount of materials and allow ample time for the children to enjoy the process.

Math & Science:

Jr. Junction Day School - Ciriculum Math & Science Basic concepts of science are discovered through hands-on exploration and experimentation. “Mathematics Their Way” and “Everyday Math” are programs used in the Toddler through Jr-Kindergarten programs.


Jr. Junction Day School - Music Music fills our classrooms all the daylong. Many classical children’s tunes seasoned with contemporary styles are a delight to students and teachers alike.

Physical Fitness:

Jr. Junction Day School - Ciriculum Physical Fitness Activities to increase motor skills, eye/hand coordination, balance and rhythm are included throughout the course of the school day.

Outside Space:

Jr. Junction Day School - Ciriculum Outdoor Space Running, hopping, skipping, wheeling, push and pull are activity words used to describe our outside space. The joys of gardening, grassy areas, along with walking and hiking paths, enhance our northwest backyard play.