Toddlers: Synchronizing Curiosity and Balance

Jr-Junction Day School - Toddlers Balance DevelopmentWebster’s dictionary defines a toddler as someone who walks unsteadily with short steps. Mrs. Kelley Hutchison, Director of Junior Junction Day School, believes this limited definition does not convey the explosion of personality and mobility that is happening in the child of 18 to 36 months.

Toddlers are extremely active young people. Their world is all about tasting, touching, pushing, pulling, observing, bouncing, rocking, balancing, and, yes, toddling. It is a delightful challenge to provide care for and to teach a child whose total focus is mastering their body. Teachers that work in a toddler environment must truly adore this age and have an understanding of just what a “planned curriculum” really looks like in a wobblers’ classroom. The toddler teacher must be constant, consistent, planned, structured, and well organized, so that they can enjoy supporting and protecting their very young students.

In the joyous chaos of “herding” toddlers, JJ makes sure that the children are stimulated and invited to explore, learn, and develop. We do this not only because we believe that the children are keen learners, but also because we believe that the more we can aid with their development, the more they will thrive and become confident, accomplished young children.

Child psychologists and scientists agree that by the time a child is age three, the foundations have been set for the many ways they will learn and live as older children and adults.